TEXT: MARK 9: 42 – 48
I can still remember some of our pranks when we were children. One of the most dangerous one was to tie fresh strong grass across foot paths to trap people. Women who went to fetch water sometimes trapped, and even broke their pots. Then we would laugh in our hiding places. That is the foolishness of childhood. There are adults who set traps for others to stumble and fall. There are lots of deceit in our society and even in the church today. Many people, both young and adults, are being misled by the friends or spiritual parents they trust. Therefore, today’s passage is wonderful inspirational message. The Lord began His admonition about the dangers of misleading children to stumble. The punishment is compared to tying a milestone on one’s neck and throwing him into the sea.

This same punishment is applicable to those who mislead new converts or young believers. Second, the other two causes are part of our bodies such as feet, hands and eyes. Thus, such body parts should be cut off rather than the whole body being thrown into hell. One needs to discipline himself and every part of the body. We must watch out for stumbling blocks. You should not cause one another to fall. Neither should you allow parts of your body to make you stumble.

QUESTION: What steps will you take to save yourself from misleading someone or being misled by parts of your body?

PRAYER: Lord, save me from being a stumbling block to others and myself.

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